Our first show, between the transitions of the Ideal ramp in 2009

The Wisdom of Owls

Health & Efficiency formed in 2009, they are based in Digbeth Birmingham. H&E are Mark (Voice/Gtr), Log (Banjo/Electronics), Ben (Bass), Simon (Gtr), Gurd (Drums), Stef (Bass). They chose their name because young people think it sounds dope, it appeals to ardent muso snobs and fifty-somethings find it hilarious.

"A band who care deeply about their art, their meticulous arrangements clearly appeal to the enthusiastic crowd…"

Drawing influence and inspiration from a heterogeneous selection of art and music H&E combine elements of punk-rock, no-wave, free jazz, psych-folk, minimalist composition, and improvisation into a dynamic balance that sounds spontaneous and harmonious in its execution.

H&E thrive on an instinctive and experimental approach to the creation and composition of their music. Eschewing traditional songwriting and structural techniques in favour of a process of improvisation, editing, refinement and distillation of their sound working together as a democratic unit.

Proponents of self-sufficiency and independence, their recordings to this point have been engineered and mixed by friends and more recently by the band themselves at their practice space, then released via the internet. Unhindered by a desire, or need, to be restricted to a specific genre, Health & Efficiency create a sound of unrestrained eclecticism.

Health & Efficiency have played shows with: Damien Jurado, Modified Toy Orchestra, MV&EE, Teeth of the Sea, Arboretum and performed at Flatpack Film Festival and Supersonic Festival.