Flatpack Teaser

Celluloid Nights, Think Tank, March 2013

A video flyer for our show at celluloid nights, we scratched painted and abused a bunch of 16mm film, it's going to be fun times.

See you next Tuesday

Practice space, January 2013

Shot by Log using his prototype "hat-cam" during practice. This song is 99% there. We'll probably name it soon. First song of 2013. Hopefully another fun year.

Making Sense, Sometimes

El Ghost Fest, November 2012

A cold November evening in Digbeth. We were on a bit later than planned so I think some of us were a little bit worse for wear. Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam played and were really good. Shot by our friend Matt Watkins, thanks Matt.

Red Drapes from my Dream

Synth Eastwood at Flatpack Festival 2010

A work in progress. Originally created as a 30 minute video projected across three screens and edited to sync with our performance at Synth Eastwood as part of Flatpack Festival 2010. Also on the bill were Clark, Sarsparilla, Gangpol & Mit, Synth Eastwood Band and Hugh Cooney. Shot in HD and edited by our friend and collaborator Lee Basford.

Walked Alone (excerpt)

w/Arboretum & Tigernaut 2011

This was shot by Mark's Dad, Paul Murphy, from what I remember this was a really fun show. Tigernaut were amazing, Arboretum tore it up and I think we were pretty darned good too. The sound was great, our man Paul Cooper was on the dials.

Granite Grey

w/Teeth of the Sea & Victories at Sea

Without much time for a soundcheck or a maritime band name we soldiered on. This show was actually pretty good. Not much room to move though… and nobody mention the reverb. Hopefully we'll finally be committing this tune to tape very soon.

Walked Alone

Supersonic 2010

One of the most fun shows we've played! The set was tight, Gurd got to chat drum stuff w/Steve Shelley, we had some amazing visuals playing behind us. I'm not sure who created them but kudos. This was shot by Gary and he made the sweet intro too.